From Tokyo Station
  • Tohoku Shinkansen/ Approx. 3 hrs.Shin-Aomori Station (Aomori Pref.)
  • Tohoku Shinkansen/ Approx. 2 hrs. 10 min.Morioka Station (Iwate Pref.)
  • Tohoku Shinkansen/ Approx. 1.5 hrs.Sendai Station (Miyagi Pref.)
  • Akita Shinkansen/ Approx. 3 hrs. 50 min.Akita Station (Akita Pref.)
  • Yamagata Shinkansen/ Approx. 2.5 hrs.Yamagata Station (Yamagata Pref.)
  • Tohoku Shinkansen/ Approx. 1 hrs. 40 min.Fukushima Station (Fukushima Pref.)
From Sapporo Station
  • Ltd. Express Super Hokuto・Hokkaido Shinkansen/Approx. 4 hrs. 40 min.Shin-Aomori Station (Aomori Pref.)

JR EAST PASS(Tohoku Area)

This discount Free Pass entitles you to unlimited rides and reserved seating in regular class on limited express (including shinkansen), express, and standard trains within the given free area routes.

Your choice of any five days within a 14-day period from the day when the pass is issued (flexible five-day)

Purchasing from outside Japan 19,000yen
Adults (12 and older)
Children (6 to 11)
Purchasing in Japan 20,000yen
Adults (12 and older)
Children (6 to 11)

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