Wanko Soba

Wankosoba is one of the traditional soba dishes of Iwate Prefecture (Hanamaki and Morioka cities). This noodle dish is one of the most famous noodle dishes of Morioka with Morioka Reimen and Morioka Jajamen. When eating Wankosoba, a small portion of noodles is dipped in a hot sauce and served to you in a small bowl. When you have finished eating this portion, the bowl is refilled with noodles. This continues until you are full and you put a lid on your bowl. This style of eating a meal comes from the otebachi custom of refilling a guest bowl just before they finish eating without asking them to show hospitality.

Hanamaki, Morioka



Winter in Tohoku is long.
It's fun that way.
Delivering "the hottest" of Tohoku.

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